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Unnam Rape Case: When the victim's family crying while telling the story | Why the rape cases in indian again and again.

The family of Unnao Rape Case victim is sitting on the dock outside the King George Medical College in Lucknow.

In this hospital, the patient is undergoing treatment after the road accident. While going to Rae Bareli on Sunday, the victim's car was hit by a truck. In this accident, a relative of the victim was killed. The lawyer in the car and the condition of the victim is being said to be delicate. The family of the victim is sitting in Lucknow outside the hospital.

However, it is not clearly known that the women sitting on the dharna have a relationship with the victim. These people have alleged that the administration did not take the right action in the case and released the victim's uncle as soon as possible.

Family story, their word

'Our demand is that false false cases were brought out. Acceptance should be done with those lawsuits. These people need to be punished. We always ask what happened, what happened? Get answers - checked .... Just give the date. We have complete confidence in the CBI inquiry. We are also satisfied. Our only demand is to remove the victim's uncle. This is the only demand from our government.

'Seven or seven false cases were planted against me and my Dewar. Attempting to arrest us by taking false cases is being tried. All those who are in jail, they will be punished. This is our only demand. '

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