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Trouble with the deployment of additional security forces in the Kashmir valley

In order to deploy 10 thousand additional security forces by the Union Home Ministry in the Kashmir Valley that is already struggling with instability, the concern has further worried.

Immediately after the announcement of National Security Adviser Ajit Doval's visit to Srinagar, there has been an uneasy environment in Kashmir. An additional 40 thousand paramilitary forces have been deployed here for the Amarnath Yatra that runs till August 15. India's Independence Day is also on this day. In general, the number of security forces deployed in the valley, nowadays more security forces are present here. Many human rights organizations have estimates that there are 7 lakh soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir. These include soldiers deployed on the border. It is argued that there is a uniformed deployment on every 15 to 25 people in the Kashmir Valley. However, officials say these data exaggerated.

Whatever the exact number of soldiers here, the majority of the army force-force is in the valley. The Kashmir Valley appears to be very militant. At very short distances, the presence of soldiers, bunkers, barricades and noses reveals how many unusual safety measures there are here. Due to the deployment of a large number of soldiers, the feeling of anger and segregation in local people increases, who already feel the restrictions on themselves.

Deployment of additional troops will increase the chaos in the valley. The ruckus has taken this step, the doubts about the central government have deepened in Kashmiri minds. These security forces have been sent to the destinations through airways or roads. These include CRPF, BSF, SSB and ITBP jawans.

In addition to this deployment of soldiers, there have been some unconfirmed reports in the local media and rumors have spread over two things. The first conjecture is that the Government wants to remove Article 35A, under which the local residents of Jammu and Kashmir have been defined. The second rumor is linked to the government guidelines. It is being said that the letters issued by various departments of the government have been asked to collect everyday things needed. This indicates that normal life can be busy for a long time.

These rumors are already spread from additional troops deployed. So far, no explanation has been given by the government on the fact that these three cases i.e. the tampering with Article 35A, the alleged guideline and the deployment of soldiers. Some local police officers tried to remove the fears by saying that the security forces have been deployed under normal routine. They say that these youth will take the place of security forces posted in a phased manner. However, in the news of the national media, on the basis of unknown government sources, it is being said that additional security forces have been deployed due to intelligence inputs of the major attack in the Kashmir Valley.

But the lack of clarity in this matter and the silence of the central government has increased the discomfort of the people. For this reason, there has been a strong reaction from all the political groups. Even BJP's ally Sajjad Lone has also accused the Center of being more interested in 'political bets-screw'. The Central Government and Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Satyapal Malik, claim that "the situation is improving" in the valley and "the waist of extremism has broken." But deployment of additional security forces denies these two claims.

Official figures only air these claims. Year 2018 was the bloodiest year in the valley in the past decade. This year too, there has been an increase in the lifting of arms of local boys against the government. This number was 135 in 2017, which increased to 201 in 2018. Officials say that from March to June 2019, only 50 young men have taken the path of extremism in the valley.

The latest news on Sunday indicates that the High Command has called Delhi on Tuesday to the main members of Jammu and Kashmir BJP.

During this time, he will discuss the political atmosphere of the state and the party's preparations for the coming assembly elections.

That is, something is cooking and its symptoms do not look right.

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