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Preparation of Death: The woman has bought a coffin of 8 lakhs to bury herself

A woman, discussed in social media, has shocked the fence by preparing herself for her death. The woman has shared photos on Instagram, in which she is looking to buy coffin for herself. He also lays down in the coffin.

There are more than 5 million followers on Social Media of South Africa's Vaibantu Social Media. Seeing their photo in Coffin, their folas are confused. However, it is not that the woman has any kind of illness or she is suspected of her death.

While sharing photos, the woman wrote: "Death ... Society is very scared to talk about death. We all will die and I have decided to buy my own coffin. It's 7.8 million rupees. "Many people on social media have said this decision is poor.

But later another reason for buying coffins came out. The woman said that when her mother had died, she was buried in a cheap casket, she does not want to be there with her. They should not have any problem after their death, hence they have done so.

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