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Imran's tunes, instead of looking at the strength of India, say, it is impossible to stop the riot

Indian Army fired Pakistan's F16 aircraft, major action on violation of Indian air border

Since the massive action taken by Indian Air Force on PoK on 26th February, there is now a tension on the Indo-Pak border. The same morning, when Pakistani aircraft tried to enter the Indian airspace, India responded with a retrograde response, in which the Pakistani aircraft had been killed, but if India's MiG-21 bison crashed it would be the same. The pilot has also disappeared. Although Pakistan has claimed that a fighter pilot of India is in his possession.

On the same Wednesday, the clouds of apprehensions were hovering throughout the day. 8 airports in North India were also closed but they were reopened at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. However alerts are still in the marginal areas.

In the meantime, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan also made a press conference and said that if Jung started, he would stop it or be in the hands of Modi ji or me. So he is ready to sit and talk.

Let us tell you that Pakistan has been troubled only after the action taken by Indian Air Force on the 26/11 terrorist camp at Jaish, present at the PoK at 3.30 am. Firing from Pakistan is also being done in different sectors since yesterday. The same India is giving a shocking answer to Pakistan. In response to the news of Pakistan's destruction of five posts and many soldiers were killed.

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