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Film Review: Seeing these acts of Alita Battle Angel, you will also say, 'How is the Josh'

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Whenever there is a discussion on the timing of a single film making, future will be mentioned about James Cameron, the Terminator, Titanic and Avatar. Cameron decided to make a film on Elita, the creator of Japan's famous creator Yukito Kishore, 19 years ago.
Clearly, in the last two decades, with the technique of making cinema, there has been a lot of ways to say stories, but Elite: Battle Angel will always be remembered for its special effects and human sensitivity in the machines.

The challenge of Hollywood cinema to Hindi cinema is increasing year after year. The biggest reason for this is that Hindi cinema is still not able to reach the Hindi belt audience with so much energy, as the Hollywood films are dubbed in Hindi and reaching out to the small cities and towns of the country. Although Alita's story seems to be a little old and a typical film formula, its impact will be the highest on the audience of these non-metro cities.

The story of the future tells the story of Alita, the story revolves around a machine lying in a junk and recognizing its powers and competing with the machines to load itself. In addition to showing the wonderful relationship of father and daughter in the story, a love story continues in the underworld.

Every character of the story is very well decorated and every character also knows what it is to do. It may be that all the similarities of the lead character graph of the film also show the audience with the previously released Hollywood films, but in spite of this, Alita's character is such that the audience will not be able to stop herself from falling into love.

While compiling the story of a fictional world, as scriptwriter James Cameron has shown the same ability with his colleagues, as his films have got to be seen in Terminator or Avatar. The world of Alita is complete in itself and, when a world is completely destroyed, there is evil in it even with goodness. To make Ram a great one needs Ravan in every age. Alita's references also get inspiration from these references of Good and Bad.

The film's biggest plus point is its cast performance. In the movie made with motion capture technique, Rosa Salazar has expressed her feelings for Alita very tremendously. Oscar wins zooka Christophe Waltz has become his patron and the chemistry between the two takes the film to a new height. The character of Manharshi Ali, who got fame from the House of Cards, looks a little weak, but according to the story, she also proves herself to climax.

Technically, the film works as a hundred numbers in a hundred. To watch the film's special effects, the film should be seen in the three D or IMAX theaters only, but if you do not even have the facility in your city, the film is a great entertainment for you this weekend. Cinematography is fantastic and background music is good on gold. Amar Ujala Weekly Review Movie Elite: Meet Batel Angel, three-and-a-half stars.

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