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This Men had a package of 3.5 million in Europe, Returned to his Country, and Now the Farmer's Skill of Teaching Farmers

Traditional farming tips and natural productions turnover of 25 lakhs

Living a luxury life by getting a job abroad is the dream of most Indians, especially the youth. Although there are some people who want to do something for their country and their people somewhere. The desire here brings them to their country. In these types of people, Samarth Jain came out like that, in the year 2013, European countries leave jobs in Belgium as a Research Scientist for 3.5 million packages and come to India and make people aware about agriculture. At the same time, they try to save old crops by avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers.

With family on leaving the job and cultivating

Samarth Jain today is his consultancy firm. They also make natural products. It turns out to be a turnover of Rs 25 lakhs in a year. Apart from this, he has given employment to dozens of people in the village. Able to try, that the people of the village can do better with their efforts. In this attempt of Samarth, his wife and family are with him.

Vedic Vatika the Name of Farm That He Starting his Own Business

Samarth Jain is a resident of Jashpurnagar, a small hill district of Chhattisgarh. He did MTech from the Amity University of Noida and secured the job of Research Scientist in the European country, Belgium. Where Samarth Jain lived in Belgium, he learned about traditional farming skills. After this, he came to the idea of cultivating the ancestral land of ancestors in his country. With this idea, Samarth started his own project in Jashpurnagar. It named it 'Vedic Vatika'. Samarth has also set up a laboratory in Vaidik Bhatika, in which he continues to make his farming more successful by using his experiences from his studies and job opportunities. In this laboratory, they take samples of different parts of their soil and test it. Apart from this, he is also working to create organic products of daily use and to market it.

Emphasis on traditional farming

Samarth Jain makes many types of products used in farming in his vineyard. At the same time, the local farmers tell about traditional farming tips and natural products. Says Samarth Jain, "Now there is no unaware of the fact that chemical fertilizers and medicines are harming the environment, land, crops, and humans, but people are still forced to use chemicals because they think That's no choice.
We want to show them that organic farming is beneficial in every respect. One very important thing I want to tell people is to feed the plant in the chemical farming, while in organic farming, we feed the soil because the soil health is good, the crops will continue to be good for themselves. 

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