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This Hotel Robots Made, Serve Food and Cocktails

Alibaba Group is one of the hotels in China, where robots do all the work of providing room service, from serving food and serving it. The name of this hotel is FlyZoo, where checkin, light control and work of the room service are done by Artificial Intelligence, Robot and Automatic Machines. Let's take a look at the robot and automatic machines working in this hotel ...

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Capsule Shape's Robot guest at the hotel serves food at the hotel. Not only this, the hotel also has a special bar, where the robots serve 20-way cocktails.

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Generally, the key is used to enter the room, but the hotel has entry through Facial Recognition System. I.e., the smartphone is locked with the help of a feature such as the FaceID feature.


Voice command technology has been used in all rooms of the hotel. This voice command device does a lot of work in addition to lighting, TV on-off, on your own. The scenes in the room can also be opened and closed by voice command.

The guest did not have to work hard to find his room. These robots also leave them to the location of the room.

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