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Russia: The Number of People Killed in Building Blast Was 39

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Moscow, Jan 4 (AFP) Four days after the blast in a building in Magnetogorsk, Russia, Rescuers have ended the campaign to find people buried in rubble. On Thursday, with the death of a person, the number of dead has increased to 39. After the blast, this skyscraper collapsed. Russia's Deputy Emergency Services Minister Alexander Chuaprian told reporters, "We have removed the last and 39th dead body today and now there is no possibility of any submergence in the debris.

Online International News

Russia's emergency services ministry on Monday launched a major campaign to save people from a pile of debris after being part of a ten-storey building in the city. Russia officials said that from the beginning, it was an attempt to reach people trapped in the wreckage as the temperature had dropped from minus 29 degrees Celsius. In such a case, hot air and other equipment were also used to remove the ice. On Tuesday, the rescue workers had taken a ten-month-old child out of the rubble after 35 hours of embezzlement, after which more people had expected to be alive. But there was no further success in the rescue operation. The seriously injured child was taken to the Moscow hospital from helicopter. On Thursday, the health ministry told her condition was stable.

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