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In this country, homosexual relations have been legal, non-job seekers are sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment.

After obtaining independence from Portugal in 1975, Angola Parliament adopted a new Penal Code for the first time on January 23, which could remove the movement against gay relations.

Gay relationships are still considered illegal in many countries today. People associated with LGBT community are still fighting for their rights on the streets. Meanwhile a good news came from the city of Angola in Africa. Angola, the city of Central Africa, has given legal status to gay relationships. This information was given by the media in reference to the Human Rights Watch. The agency also said that the Angola government made laws that prohibit discrimination based on gender bias or attraction with people.

According to CNN, those who refuse to hire homosexuals on the basis of gender bias or attraction, they can be jailed for two years under the new law.

The Rights Agency said that after obtaining independence from Portugal in 1975, the Parliament of Angola adopted a new Penal Code for the first time on January 23, which allowed the movement against gay relations to be removed.

In a statement, Human Rights Watch said, "Angola has adopted equality by separating this ancient and evil legacy and by removing discrimination."

According to the news agency Efe, the NGO Human Rights Watch has praised this move by Angola MPs in a statement. Its headquarters are in New York City.

Angola has joined the African countries in which homosexual relations have been termed as valid.

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