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GOT's Teaser Says Two Secrets Will Open in The Final Season

The Game of Thrones is for the final season to come. Fans are waiting for tooth teeth on the teeth. It is revealed that starting from April 14. That's why the beat has increased. It has been shown in the teaser that John Snow, Sansa, and Arya Stark have come together. He is the place where sculptures of people of Stark Family are engaged. Ned, Kaitlyn, and Lena. A wing falling on the ground, which is connected to Liana. Seeing it, it seems that there will be chaos on the Family Background of John Snow. Last final decision on this top seasons

The ending of the Seventh Season will be remembered. Aunt Jennifer's Tangierian and John Snow got the way. Two of them are secret in the game of Thrones. The father of a John Snow and the second, the heir to the throne Now the two screens will be covered with curtains. John Snow is the son of Reggae Targarian and Lena Stark, who is the true heir. But along with that, there is also a doubt about John Snow's real mother father. In the teaser, when John passes near the statue of Snow Lianas, we hear a voice. You have to protect him. This is the voice that has been said by handing his child to Ned Starck. Ned, who was Liyana's brother.

Then these feathers It was placed by Robert Baratheon in the hands of Lena's statue. In the same basement. In the fifth season, when Sanasa had come to see her statue of Bawa Leyna, she had raised this wings. It is artistic to write a series, it was necessary to show the feathers to keep the thrill connecting. Now the fans will stick to the fans screen to see the feathers. And the three lead credits standing in the last are admiring their own idols. The opportunity to observe is not even complete, and behind them, the army of icy monsters comes back. Together these things make it a perfect tea. And they create fierce anxiety for the coming season.

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There is no need to tell those who are fans. Come on April 14th, they have started counting days from now. HBO's show is not here to watch on TV. The Hotstar will come on There will be 6 episodes of about half an hour long.

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