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A 13 Year Old Drone Photographer Who Raised the Business

13-year-old Hudson Horn is flying drones on the shining sand of Queensland's Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Their sharp eyes are also on mini-aircraft and on the monitor connected to their remote.
As soon as they get a perfect view on the monitor, they give the command of the camera and the picture is drawn. Teenagers around the world do a lot of work to earn money. Some teenage children handle. Some grasses cut. Some teens also earn money by packing groceries.

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But not all teens make photos from the sky by making mini-aircraft, nor do they think about earning money by doing this. Hudson Horn does the same thing. He is a 13 year drone photographer.

Australia Drone kid

Horn Ariel does the photography. They are known as Australian drone worms. With the help of his parents, Horn has created a business of drone photography.

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He has changed his hobby into business and has stepped in to become an entrepreneur in the teenage years. Horn says that he has been using new technology for two years to earn some extra money. Last year they earned more than $ 7,000 This is not so bad for a school student.

Horn does real estate photography. They are called for photography of special events. They take photos and sell them by postcard and print.

Occasionally, they also do drone photography in weddings. Some project developers and real estate builders also take their services. When Horne got the first drone, he was only 9 years old. Horne already loves machines from him. From the time he was 8 years old, he used to scrutinize the parts of the radio control car.

Later, along with the drone, he did similar experiments and learned about it. He says, "I am interested in robotics. I want to understand how things go."

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He understands the work of every part of the drone's engine. Do some experiments and reconnect the machine.

They had sold childhood toys in order to raise money for their first drone. When the money came down, he took a loan from his parents.

First job in real estate

One day he was practicing to blow the drone and take photographs with him, while his mother came to a friend who was a real estate agent. He gave Horn first job

After finishing his first job in the real estate sector, he photographed a fisherman tournament and sold his photographs to fishermen.

This teenager has also done a six-month business course in which he learned tricks of trade and investment.

He explains, "I learned that if you want to buy some new business, then you have to double your last investment money."

When Horn started the business, he was only 11 years old. Legally they could not work. That's why they created a family trust so that they could run their business legally.

Last year, Hudson earned more than $ 7,000 from his business.

Horn also plays with the drone in the free time. He says, "Instead of playing video games, I can add parts of the drone all day long."

Horn's other hobbies are also different from common children. They like cycling on the mountains and they also go to the bicycles.

He explains, "Many times I talk to my friends about this. They want to see how I do all this."

If you are in real estate or are doing something similar, then you can not do this.

Horn says he does not know what will happen next. But, his love for robotics will be his future.

He is convinced for one thing that his future is related to the drone. Well, he is not satisfied just by photography with a drone. One day he wants to make a drone by himself.

He says, "If I go out of this profession, then I can make a drone."

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