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The Coldest City in the World, Russia Remains Frozen 270 Days in a Year

  • Located 300km north of the Arctic Circle, the city of Norilsk
  • The biggest reservoir of nickel-palladium in the world is also here
  • It is one of the most polluted cities in the world
  • The amount of sulfur dioxide in the air is so much that the vegetation is over in 30 km radius
The city of Norilsk, located in Siberia, Russia is considered to be the coldest city in the world. The residents here can not see the sunrise for two months (December-January). Cold estimates can be made from the fact that ice is stored for 270 days out of 365 of the year.

The city's normal temperature is minus 10 degrees Celsius
  1. In the cold days of the Norilsk city with a population of 1 lakh 75 thousand, the minimum temperature is -61 degree Celsius, while the average temperature is minus 10 degrees Celsius.
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  2. Some people believe that Yakutas located in Siberia consider colder. Here in the cold days, the temperature is -41 ° C and in the summer there is much more temperature than Norilsk.
  3. According to a blogger Vinje Miklos, ice is stored in Norilsk, 270 days a year. Every third-day people have to face the snow storm.
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  4. Norilsk has located about 2,900 km from Moscow's capital Moscow. The city is 300 km north of Arctic Circle. There is no road to reach here. Only here can be reached by plane or boat. The city is cut off from Russia so that people also address the rest of the country as Menland.
  5. Although Norilsk is cut off from the world, but there is a modern round of things including public transport, cafes, churches, bars, art galleries, and theater. According to the New York Times - Norilsk is the world's largest nickel, platinum and palladium reservoir. So it is Russia's richest city.
  6. People's wealth can be estimated from the fact that 28 grams of palladium is worth a thousand dollars (about 70 thousand rupees). There is only one company to remove and clean minerals - Norilsk Nickel. It has a 2% share in the entire GDP of Russia.
  7. Because of largely mining-refining, Norilsk is considered one of the most polluted cities in the world. According to National Geographic - the amount of sulfur dioxide in the air is so high that the vegetation of about 30 km radius is over. People have been warned that do not break berries or mushrooms due to high toxicity.
  8. Daldikan river water has become red due to mining. According to The Times, Norilsk Nickel emits so much sulfur dioxide in one year as it is all over France. Victoria Fior, who creates a documentary My Deadly Beautiful City on the city, says people are afraid to say anything about the company because their life is only on their success.

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