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Shutdown in the US New Year will continue, Standoff in parliament

The shutdown released from the past Saturday in the US about the construction of a wall on the border of Mexico is not visible now. There is no agreement between the ruling Republican and opposition Democrats in Parliament on this issue so far. This has led to the shutdown being continued in the new year. Now this deadlock is likely to get a solution next week. This situation has become the third time this year in America, which has stalled the functioning of the government.

President Donald Trump has asked for a budget of $ 5 billion (about Rs 35 thousand crore) to build a wall on the border with Mexico. But Democrats are opposing it. Trump has emphasized the need to build a wall on the border from Mexico to prevent illegal refugees from entering the US.

He has blamed the Democrats for the shutdown. The White House says, "The Democratic Party is stopping our government and choosing illegal refugees instead of American citizens." On the other hand, Democrats have charged the trump for the shutdown. Democrat McGower said, "The federal employees are not able to get salaries due to the presidential wasteful demand for a wall on the border of Mexico."

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