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America's Oldest Warrior Died at the Age of 112, Whiskey in Coffee was a Hobby to Drink

Richard Overton, the oldest warrior of World War II and the oldest person in the country, has died. He was 112 years old. Richard Overton's family gave this information. According to CNN's report, Richard Overton died on December 27.

Family member Shirley Overton said that he was admitted to the hospital on pneumonia.

Richard Overton volunteered in the Army in 1942 and served in 188th Aviation Engineer Battalion. It was a completely black unit, which is different from the Pacific Islands

In the year 2013, he had said that he credits long life to God and he did not take any medication and with his will he enjoyed life.

In the conversation with the media, he had said that he does not like to think about war or talk about it.

He had said in the conversation that he has forgotten everything.

When Overton was 107, he said, "I used to drink whiskey in my coffee, sometimes I used to drink it without drinking."

Overtons have long been in Austin, Texas. She lived at Richard Overton Avenue Street. This road was named after him.

In a statement, Texas Governor Greg Abbott described Overton as the "American icon and legend of Texas.

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